Every now and then (more often than not these days) something happens in the news and pop culture that just makes me go seriously? Today I encountered one of those things and I just had to talk about it on here. On Monday the little drop of sanity that is Stephen Colbert finished his monologue … More Seriously?

Digital MEtox

Hey, The other day I was thinking about how much time I spent reading or watching other people’s lives online and I came to the realization it was a lot. You know the drill you go online and its all who’s dating who or pics of babies/weddings or a bunch of cool things people are … More Digital MEtox

Free Your Mind

Hey, So I don’t know about the rest of you but all of my feeds from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter have been taken over by horrible men who are trying to destroy our world and it’s making me kind of depressed. I go from catching up on all of the late night commentary to … More Free Your Mind

Catch Some Z’s

Hey, So I’ve discovered something and it’s a great thing, the greatest thing, people are talking and I’m hearing things it’s gonna be big it’s gonna be yuge. This idea is so good, so good no one else has ever thought of it, I’m a genius. Crooked Hilary doesn’t want you to know, but I’m … More Catch Some Z’s