Every now and then (more often than not these days) something happens in the news and pop culture that just makes me go seriously? Today I encountered one of those things and I just had to talk about it on here. On Monday the little drop of sanity that is Stephen Colbert finished his monologue … More Seriously?

May Watchlist

One of the best things about streaming services is that with the coming of each new month there is the promise of new shows. See back in the dark ages we had to wait until Fall or whenever the hell the Mid-Season starts to get any new television, but now we can continue beings lazy … More May Watchlist

Digital MEtox

Hey, The other day I was thinking about how much time I spent reading or watching other people’s lives online and I came to the realization it was a lot. You know the drill you go online and its all who’s dating who or pics of babies/weddings or a bunch of cool things people are … More Digital MEtox