13 Things About 13 Reasons: Side A

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m probably not the target audience for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why so I can’t say the show effected me the same as someone in the target. With that said I did binge the show over the past two days and I very much enjoyed it so I thought it would be cute to talk about it by providing 13 thoughts I had while watching. I also did a voice recording of my thoughts in case you don’t want to read and also because considering the show I’m talking about I thought it would be cute.  So let’s get into it shall we…

1.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, welcome to your replacement.

Over time most actors end up having a younger version of themselves pop up to take over all the roles they have aged out of and Dylan Minnette is 100% Joseph Gordon-Levitts. Not only do these two look almost identical they also sound the same and lest you think I’m only focusing on the superficial I also think Dylan is a spectacular actor. He was hands down the best part of the show and a shining star in a sea of impressively talented young actors. Honestly with that face, talent, and a voice so perfect I could listen to him read a phone book I have no doubt he’s going to be the breakout star.

2. Am I the only one getting Charlize Theron vibes from Jessica?

Speaking of lookalikes I don’t know if it was the face or the voice or maybe a mixture of the two but Jessica kept giving me young Charlize Theron vibes. No one else seems to have noticed it so I may be crazy…

3.  Well we made it one whole episode before we got a Beiber clone.


I kept wondering if we would get a Beiber clone and then Alex popped up and I was like of course we would.

4. You know Selena Gomez is spectacularly good at jumping onto popular things early.


That may sound like shade but honestly I mean it as a compliment. I estimate about 65% of the reason Selena is still as relevant as she is has to do with her uncanny ability to attach herself the next big thing. Think about it she was in with Demi and the other disney kids when they were huge then she ditched them and claimed a space as one of the founding members of the Swift Squad, plus she attached to Justin pretty early on. And this show is just another example of her getting in on the ground floor of something before it blew up. Seriously she has quite the eye for trends and if she honed that she could be a major force in the industry.

5. I bet no one paid attention to what the counselor said about his previous school.


There is a scene where one of the students comes in and is talking to Mr. Porter about some crisis they are having and when he can’t come up with a solution they ask if he’s done this before and his answer provides such a great insight into how much of a contrast there is between these students and ones from other schools. His answer is along the lines of saying that the kids in his last school were more worried about not getting shot on the way to school and it is the one moment in the show that takes time to highlight class differences when is comes to student concerns. For a large number of students who live in places that are akin to war zones tragedy is a part of daily life and all they know is survival. It’s interesting and I wish was discussed more.

6. This whole concept is cruel.


I’ll get into this more later, but I personally think 13 Reasons Why works much better as a tale of revenge. One of my main reasons for that is the fact that Hannah killing herself and passing the blame to each one of the characters is just cruel. Granted some of them were worse than others but really there is only one truly horrible person everyone else basically had various degrees of lapses in judgement. The whole premise of the story is we are supposed to learn to treat each other better, but Hannah’s tapes are an exercise in torture.

Think about it she places the burden of the tapes on Tony who we find out was also an unfortunate witness to her death, she makes poor Clay sit through 10 tapes slowly falling apart before he gets to his only to find out he did nothing wrong except listen to her and she still manages to make him feel responsible, she reveals Jessica’s horrible personal secret to everyone, she makes Justin’s already awful home life worse, Alex’s begins to unravel thanks to the tapes, Hannah out’s Courtney, and she makes Tyler an even bigger outcast. That’s not to mention the million other problems the tapes cause and the complete devastation her suicide wreaks on her family.

7. Points for diversity.


I have to give some major props for having the cast be diverse and not falling back on shitty stereotypes (it didn’t stop me from humming Pretty White Kids w/ Problems from Mad TV, but that’s just me). I will say the one thing that bugged me just a bit was why were all of the  Latinx characters good? Seriously every other ethnic group fell into the bad category. All of the Asians were self-preserving and sneaky even the teacher wasn’t without some blame. The black people were morally ambiguous from Jessica’s selling her friend out for a guy, to Marcus being a handsy douche, Sheri leaving the scene of a crime, and Mr. Porter telling a rape victim move on. But every Latinx character was good? Tony…good. Jeff…great. Even the damn lawyer defending Hannah’s family was played by Wilson Cruz. I feel like somewhere they would have caught that, but hey at least they got diversity kind of right which is more than I can say for most shows.

And that is all for Side A, tune in tomorrow for the rest of my thoughts on this show. Oh and spoiler just like the show my reasons get more interesting as the list goes along. And as always I’d love to discuss this show with you so drop a comment below.




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