Every now and then (more often than not these days) something happens in the news and pop culture that just makes me go seriously? Today I encountered one of those things and I just had to talk about it on here.

On Monday the little drop of sanity that is Stephen Colbert finished his monologue with an epic takedown of Agent Orange that was truly amazing to watch….

The second he did it I was expecting all of the deplorables to come crawling from whatever rock they were hiding under to bitch and complain about it, but their actual response ended up being a thing of moronic beauty.  Not only did they demand Colbert be fired (via hashtag) for disrespecting Easy D they had the gall to label Stephen’s rant homophobic for his use of the phrase c**k holster…


These people, seriously? The same assholes who elected the pussy grabber in chief? Who supported his conversion therapy loving, gay hating ass wipe of a VP? The same people who proudly support a party that consistently attempts to strip every basic human right from LGBTQ people? Those people are now going to stand up against someone using potentially homophobic (it wasn’t BTW) language. Oh when liberals call out all of the awful bullshit you assholes spew we are special snowflakes, but when you do it you are standing up for a community. I think not!

You don’t get to invoke freedom of speech to cover your asses when you want to spew dangerous racist homophobic bullshit and then whine like the most special of the snowflakes every fucking time someone says something you don’t like. You sit on the wrong side of history consistently trying to regress an entire country so you can hold on to privileges you never deserved in the first place only to cry victim when the very people you’re trying to step over fight back. I don’t think so! You want to be the bully, you want to stand asanist PC culture fine but don’t cry when something offends you. You voted for people who make the world worse everyday they are in office so expect criticism, expect people to be pissed off. You don’t start a fight and act surprised when you get hit.

Seriously grow a pair and stop with the damn hashtags, they don’t work when you use them.


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