Write Everyday in May


I just want to start this by saying I have never in my life used one of those damn “It’s gonna be May!” memes…well until today. I figured since I was writing about my challenge to write everyday in May and it was going up on May 1st it wouldn’t kill to use the stupid meme, to be honest though now that I’ve used it I feel dirty.

Anyway as I just said I’m setting a challenge for myself to post on here everyday in May because I miss writing and I want to start being more creative. I’ve been in a rut where I spend the entire day doing pretty much nothing and I hate that so I’m trying to do better and one of the things I really want to do is devote more time to this blog. So yeah I’m looking forward to the posts I come up with and I am really going to work hard to make sure I post every single day. So wish me luck and be sure to stop by to see what I’m up to.



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