Three Reasons To Watch… Chewing Gum


I’m just going to start this by saying if you have Netflix and you haven’t seen Chewing Gum you need to go watch it IMMEDIATELY! And if my glowing recommendation was not enough to make you run to your TV and turn on Chewing Gum then I have three more reasons why this show is absolutely something you need to watch.


  1. It’s in a class of its own.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show focused on a black female character that allowed her to be just plain old weird. You normally get sassy, sexy, fierce, or strong, but rarely quirky and when you do see it the character is usually a lighter skinned hippie type.  The closest I’ve seen was the Awkward Black Girl series on YouTube which I adored, but I ended up disappointed when Issa chose to go in a slightly different direction with her show Insecure. Thank god Michaela Coel came along and created Chewing Gum.

Not only did she present a different depiction of a black female she also showed a different side of life living in public housing. Usually all we see is the negative and I love that this show is bright and happy instead of people sitting in grimy dark rooms smoking crack and killing each other. It’s important to show the other side of this life because living in public housing doesn’t necessarily equate to having a nightmare life and it also doesn’t have to be Good Times where every episode and conversation has to be about how poverty or getting out of said public housing. Life in public housing is just like life everywhere else and I am so glad Michaela chose to show it that way and have people of different races living together and dating each other without making it a huge thing.


2. It’s f**king hilarious.

Chewing Gum being unique is great and all but the real reason to stick around and watch this show is because it is absolutely hilarious. It focuses on and is narrated by Tracey (played by Michaela) who is a 24 year old virgin from a super religious family who has decided she wants to have sex. And as we follow Tracey’s life we get to meet her friends, family, love interests, and neighbors each of whom are completely nuts in their own glorious way.  Like at this point I would be more shocked if someone came around and was actually normal to some degree because they are all so strange and get into the weirdest situations. And if you are rolling your eyes at that thinking this is dumb humour or people in strange situations just for the sake of it please know that is not this show, Chewing Gum’s humor is witty and smart and most of all it’s fresh.

Also in case you were wondering my two favorite characters are the sister Cynthia (played by Susie Wakoma who also stars in another awesome Netflix show called Crazyhead) and boy Tracey who is the most cringe worthy character on the show but also ends up being the most fun to watch because he is just so weird.



3. It’s surprisingly sweet.

At the base of it this show is about the relationships between Tracey and the people in her life and how she navigates them. Like her best friend Candace who can be blunt but is always trying to help Tracey get what she wants (see Beyonce makeover below). Or her crazy relationship with her super religious mother and sister. And my personal favorites, Tracey’s romantic relationships from her strange fiance Ronald to her on again off again relationship with her super hot but kind of dim neighbor Connor. There are always these real moments hidden between all of the craziness and those are what ground the show and take it from simply being another comedy to being one of the best comedies on TV right now.


Anyway I hope I’ve convinced you to check this show out because I think everyone should at least watch an episode. It’s a nice break from the horror and stress of everyday, you can just chill out and tune into this bright strange world where you can have a good laugh at Tracey and all of her misadventures.  Plus Netflix just released season two today so you have six glorious hours of hilarity and shenanigans from Tracey and Co.

So if you watch the show let me know in the comments, lets discuss. Who are your favorite characters? What is you fav episode? Let me know, I need to talk about it.




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