Style Inspo: Gidget


When I was in college my mom introduced me to the television show Gidget and I immediately fell in love. Sally Field managed to play the cute popular teenager while also managing to be smart, funny, and a little bit snarky.  Gidget is the only girl who jumps in when the guys start a fight, pickets a movie theater for overcharging teenagers, defiantly takes auto shop, and demands the guys she dates treat her well even when her girlfriends abandon her on the mission. She’s a badass in pigtails and proof strength comes in many forms even a plucky teenage girl.

But I’m not here to talk about how awesome Gidget is or even my admiration for her revolving door boyfriend collection, today I’m here to talk about her style. There are a lot of things I love about this show, but the things I love the most are Gidget’s amazing clothes and hairstyles. Her laid back 60’s California teen vibe is my ideal style and ever since I first watched the show I have been using Gidget as my inspiration when shopping. Her style boils down to several things…

  1. Stripes
  2. Big shirts over swim shorts
  3. Ankle length pants/jeans
  4. Great dresses
  5. Sneakers


The key to truly nailing Gidget’s style all lies in the stripes. She loves a good stripped shirt and her collection is truely impressive. I’m constantly on the lookout for similar shirts and if you really want to capture Gidget’s stripe swag I suggest checking out the men’s section because I have found some seriously cute options.


Another Gidget staple is a swimsuit because she’s a cali girl and a beach bum and eventhough her swimsuits themselves are something to covet it’s her choice of throwing adorable oversized shirts and sweaters on top of them that make them amazing outfit inspiration. She also has a super impressive PJ collection and becauae of her I have fallen in love with pairing boyshirts and cute shirts as loungewear. Also if you ever catch me on a beach I will so be rocking this.


Her ankle grazing pants mixed with super cute sneakers and an oversized color coordinated striped shirt makes for the perfect classic casual outfit. It’s both comfortable and stylish while also being timeless.


Finally eventhough Gidget spends the majority of her time in shorts and swimsuits she loves a cute feminine dress. It’s makes for a nice balance and allows you to change things up here and there.  And in case you need more inspiration…

The best thing about Gidget’s style is it’s really somewhat ageless, yes it’s youthful but it’s also classic. Some pieces are a little more applicable to younger people, but pretty much everything can be adapted for folks of any age.  I hope you liked this post and were able to get some style inspiration from it and in the comments below let me know what characters or shows are you style inspiration.

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