Digital MEtox


The other day I was thinking about how much time I spent reading or watching other people’s lives online and I came to the realization it was a lot. You know the drill you go online and its all who’s dating who or pics of babies/weddings or a bunch of cool things people are doing. The worst offenders are YouTubers who announce every life event as if their audience is a part of it when in reality its like no bitch we didn’t get a house you did I’m sitting on my couch in my underwear watching you in your big ass house.

So I started thinking its all well and good being happy for other people’s accomplishments, but how much more could I do with my life if I took the time I spent watching them and used it on myself, which is where I came up with the concept of the digital MEtox. It’s different from a digital detox in that I won’t be avoiding social media altogether, instead I’ll be making myself become a participant. Some people get involved in social media far too much and it consumes them but on the other side some of us get consumed not by posting but by constantly checking and lurking on social media and we fail to realize how much of our time we are dedicating to looking at someone else’s life. We become spectators and it prohibits us from doing the things we used to do. Ten years ago when I got bored I would go for walks, paint, grab my camera and take some pics,  or watch a cooking show and recreate the recipe. Whatever I chose to do each one of those things enhanced my life and well-being in some way and opened up a possibility for me, watching someones vlog or liking their post does not. Which is why I’m instituting the MEtox to get me back to the basics and focused on improving my life.

I have five main objectives for this MEtox…

  1. Make a YouTube channel.
  2. Take pictures daily.
  3. Blog regularly.
  4. Get my house in order.
  5. Watch more shows and movies.

A couple of years ago I would talk about creating a YouTube channel, but I always had reasons why I couldn’t (lack of camera, no filming space, etc) today I have none of those excuses. I have plenty of quiet filming space, an awesome camera, and my Mac to edit on  literally everything I need and its about time I used it. The same goes with taking pictures and blogging, I have all of these awesome tools at my disposal and I need to start using them to be creative. There was a time when watching other people served as a nice escape from the reality of my day-to-day life, but that’s not the case anymore. Things are different now and I need to be documenting my own life not watching someone else’s.

In terms of getting my house in order I mean that both literally and figuratively. I need to take time and get some spring cleaning done because as ridiculous as it seems cleaning really does help your mental state. I also need to start doing things to take care of myself like take more epsom salt baths or get back into my skin care routine.  Most nights I’ll be on my phone and lose track of time which stops me from getting anything done. Ironically sometimes I will be watching someones night routine where they are doing the exact stuff I had planned on doing and that needs to stop. I also want to start winding down by watching actual shows and movies. I spend so much time watching short videos with no real stories which is like spending days at a time only watching reality TV and its bad for your brain. I have all of these great shows and movies in my queue waiting to be watched and I can never get to them because I’m watching crap all day.

So I am going to start making all of these changes and I’m going to keep doing them until my patterns change. Let me know what your online habits are and if you feel like you need to make a change. Also let me know what you do when you feel like social media is taking over your life.




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