Tips for Creating a Vision Board


I feel like when you talk about vision boards people are either all for it or think they are ridiculous and I get both arguments. You tend to find some who talk about vision boards like they are a magical tool to success and honestly if that’s how you feel going in you’ll probably be disappointed. In reality it is nothing more than a simple exercise in visualization. You create a representation of your dreams and goals and the process of seeing it everyday not only helps you have clarity it also changes your attitude.

The big question is do they work…

I would say yes they do. I’ve made quite a few vision boards and I have had many things on them come to fruition. Even more than that though I find creating a vision board is really good for me psychologically. As I mentioned in my earlier post we are living in strange times and so many people are depressed and scared about whats to come so sitting down and thinking about what you want in life can be extremely helpful in getting you to a positive space mentally. So if you are interested and unsure of where to start I have created a few tips to help you out.

Be in the right mood.

I find the best time to create a vision board is when you feel inspired and have plenty of free time. The process takes a while and its something you want to approach with patience. You don’t have to do it all at once you can pick up images that jump out at you as you see them then take a day to sit and arrange. However you choose to approach make sure you enjoy the process because that makes your board so much more powerful.

Pick the best images for you.

On top of picking images that inspire you or make you feel good I also think it’s important to pick images that represent you. I feel like the whole point of creating vision boards is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself but sometimes (particularly with fitness focused boards) people pick images representing who they feel they should be. Part of this whole process is thinking about exactly what you want and taking away all of the outside forces.

Like for my health and confidence board I did this…

I didn’t want a board filled with perfect models because i felt like that would be counterintuitive. I wanted women on my board that had imperfections and didn’t live every minute in a gym because that’s not me and that’s not someone I ever want to be. They aren’t mosts ideal example of fitness goals but they inspire me to be an even better version of myself.

I did something similar for career and oddly enough it was a total accident. I was trying to find successful women, particularly in the arts, and I found images I loved but it wasn’t until I was putting it together that I realized all of the pictures featured black women. For me that is so powerful because I’m seeing people who look like me doing things I want to do and I love seeing that everyday.

Make it pretty.

This is probably a no brainer, but make your vision board something you want to look at everyday. If you choose a collage format make it look interesting so it catches your eye or if you choose to do something more like I did…


that can be interesting as well. I have done two collage style vision boards, a vision book, and the one above and I have to say this one is my favorite. I like that it’s clean and crisp while also being versatile. I can easily add things or change-up the layout which is a major plus.

Also this is the first time I created a board that had a definite spot in my room where it can also function as decoration which is helpful because normally my boards end up on the floor or behind furniture.

Include pics of you.

When I was first started researching vision boards one of the articles I read said something about including a picture of yourself and I loved the idea. It’s not something you regularly see when you look at images of vision boards on Google, but I feel like it should be a common practice. You have all of your dreams, goals, and inspiration then in the center a picture of you as a reminder who these things are for. It can be a powerful image.

I even chose to take it one step further and created an entire board just featuring my and my family as sort of gratitude board so I have where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Anyway I hope this post helps and inspires you to create your own vision board. If you have any questions just pop a comment down below. Also have you made a vision board before? And if you have whats your approach?

Thanks for stopping by.


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