Free Your Mind


So I don’t know about the rest of you but all of my feeds from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter have been taken over by horrible men who are trying to destroy our world and it’s making me kind of depressed.  I go from catching up on all of the late night commentary to clicking ten thousand articles all about the next horrific thing the new administration has done and without realizing it I find myself drained and depressed and stuck wondering what the hell is going on.  Then I try to get some rest and…


I’m already tired if it. Last year was a hard one for my family we suffered a huge loss that took everything about out lives and turned it on its head. We pushed through and were getting back on track then the election happened and it has been this crazy surreal existence ever since. My Facebook feed, which has always had disturbing news stories, went from a few depressing items to damn near the entire feed overnight. It’s post after post every single day and it’s so important to see these things and know whats happening in the world around you, but it’s also important to just turn it off.

I know it’s hard to do especially when it is surrounding you 24/7, it took me pretty much all of January to finally start understanding this. I started the year off so well, I was eating better and moving more and just feeling great then the 20th happened and I started back sliding and feeling like shit again. I still kinda feel awful, but I’m starting to pull myself back out of it and the thing that helped was so random I honestly never saw it coming.

My mom was off on Monday and I had just taught her how to watch live TV on her phone and I woke up to the sound of laughing. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s been over a year since my mom has watched her morning TV on a day off and it was nice to see her doing something so routine and normal. I think it’s what prompted me to flip on the New Edition story on BET which I had been hearing about but hadn’t had the desire to check out and it was a really nice break. I spent something like six hours watching drama unfold that had nothing to do with me or the world, it was glorious!

Plus there was this guy…


I had never seen him before but the second he popped up on my screen I had to know who he was so after the movie ended I spent the night looking him up. And as superficial as it seems it completely cleared my mind. It was fun wasting time looking at pictures of that perfect face and listening to his music (which was amazing BTW), I even tweeted him and he liked my tweet. There was something about it that was so carefree and silly which is I don’t think I’ve been allowing myself to be for a while. Normally I’m cracking up at Sam Bee or Trevor or Seth or Stephen and even though they are providing much needed laughs there is always this dark cloud over that laughter once I realize what I’m actually laughing at. Looking at Luke James was pure, it was just a cute guy no politics and it was such a nice relief.

Which is why I’m making this post, I wanted to create a gallery of men to celebrate the beauty of diversity and remind you that the world doesn’t solely consist of horrible old white guys trying to set the world on fire. There are talented creative men who spend there time creating films and music that make the world a little more bearable and it is important to remember that they exist.

With that I hope you enjoy the gallery and that one of these faces helps knock you out of the fog or at least provides you a second or two of eye candy. Let me know in the comments below how you are dealing with whats happening all over the world and also stay tuned for tomorrows post where I talk about my mood/vision board and the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive imagery.

Thanks for stopping by.


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