January Tunes


So at the end of every year I find myself wanting to make a giant playlist of the songs that I loved and every year I end up struggling because I realize I have absolutely no idea what songs I listened to 11 months before. As a fix I decided this year I was going to attempt to make a playlist at the end of every month so it’s easier, but also so I can remember any songs that may have gotten lost along the way.

Anyway here is January’s playlist featuring some rediscovered favorites as well as some new finds. I think with everything going on throughout this month I was just not feeling slower or more melancholy songs which is why this playlist is more on the hip hop/dance side. There are also some like the Zayn and Taylor song or Ariana’s Be Alright that are on there simply because I love singing along with them. I also discovered Luke James in the past few days thanks to the New Edition movie and I’m am already in love with several of his songs, my fav wasn’t on spotify so here’s that one….

BTW your welcome cause not only did you get to hear the awesome song you also got to stare at his absolutely beautiful face.

And here is everything else, hope you enjoy it and let me know what songs you are loving in the comments below.



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