Whipping My Skin Into Shape

Hey Guys,

So I promised myself this year was the year I built a skincare routine and kept it. I’m constantly trying to improve my skin and  I go out buy whatever skincare stuff I’m using at the time and promise myself I’ll keep it up only to fall off the wagon two weeks later.  All that changes this year as I have created a routine so simple and quick it is idiot (and lazy person) proof.

How did I do this?

Why thank you for asking person who definitely wasn’t me! For one thing I started thinking about the products I was using, what about them I didn’t like, and how they were stopping me from taking care of my skin. I was using a product from Lush called Herbalism (which is a great product BTW) and even though I loved it I found it to be extremely messy.  Whenever I had to wash my face I would dread it because I knew it would be like 10-12 minutes washing my face and cleaning up all the green gunk that had fallen everywhere. Needless to say I was in the mood for a new cleanser when I saw Tanya Burr talking about the Sonic Cleansing Brush by Clinique (pic below) and thought I like gadgets plus it might make my process quicker…I’ll try it out.

It has made a complete difference! For one thing there is a timer so I know if I’m tired I can run in the bathroom and wash my face and it is only going to take a total of 2 minutes tops. Also I use a foaming cleanser and the brush just needs a quick rinse so I know I don’t have to hassle with a long cleanup. And because of this I’ve had the tiny push I needed to be able to hop out of bed and take care of my face, even when I’m super tired and don’t want to.


When it came to products I knew I didn’t want to totally go with Clinique because my skin loves the moisturizers but it doesn’t react well to the alcohol based toners. I decided to stick with my Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner which is a personal favorite and picked up a best seller kit from Origins to find products I like.  So far the two standouts are the Ginzing Eye Cream which is amazing in the morning for waking up tired eyes and making me not look like an extra on The Walking Dead and the Night a Mins moisturizer.

I’ve also been getting back into drinking tons of water after spending the holidays downing juice and soda and I eat way more fruits and veggies because I make most of my meals at home. Plus I realized sleeping with a humidifier makes a total difference. And even though sometimes I just can’t make it out of bed I’m getting a lot better and hey at least I’m trying. Before I started this my skin was dull and uneven with dry patches and I was always breaking out, now its much brighter and clearer.

Not a total Betty but a vast improvement.

The biggest thing I’ve learned though is there is no magic product or solution, you just have to get your ass out of bed and make the time to take care of your skin. So let me know about your skincare battles in the comments and also let me know what products you are loving.




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