Catch Some Z’s


So I’ve discovered something and it’s a great thing, the greatest thing, people are talking and I’m hearing things it’s gonna be big it’s gonna be yuge. This idea is so good, so good no one else has ever thought of it, I’m a genius. Crooked Hilary doesn’t want you to know, but I’m gonna tell you…


Ok now that I’ve gotten the Trump impression out of system (I mean how could I not do it though, I’ve been watching non-stop coverage of that creep) I can actually get to why I’m writing this. It seems like needing sleep is such a basic thing that we all know, but so many of us just kind of brush it off and learn to survive on as little of it as possible. After a while we start to feel like crap and our emotions are all over the place and we find ourselves wondering what the hell is going on.

This happened to me about a week ago, I was extra lethargic and getting really anxious for no reason and I was just generally feeling like crap. I ended up talking to my mom about our crappy habits when it came to health and one of my major ones is I am constantly going on tiny amounts of sleep because I go to bed super late, wake up early, and then like half go back to sleep for a while and I just end up being tired the entire day. On this particular occasion it had gotten really bad I was sitting up with racing thoughts and any time I exerted any energy I would get sore and even more tired.

So in an effort to help this I decided to set out a bed time and I would get in bed meditate for like 25 minutes and doze off giving me like 4-5 solid hours before I had to call my mom to get up and then I could go back to sleep for a couple of hours until she left and if I needed to I could sleep a couple of hours more. And I admit it seems like not the best schedule but compared to my usual where I have an hour or less before I call my mom followed by maybe an hour in-between then like 5 off and on hours , this was a major improvement. The first day I did it not only did I physically feel better, but I actually had a much clearer mind and decidedly less anxiety. I legit went from feeling like I was made of rusty metal to feeling amazing.

If any of you out there is feeling off or just like you are having difficulty just doing basic functions before you start looking at a million other causes give sleeping a try. And if you want some of my tried and true tips for overhauling your sleeping routine and getting the best nights sleep you can, check out tomorrows post.



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